The blogger vs the reader.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Thatiana and I am the blogger. Yeah the T could stand for my name, but I prefer Thankful because I am blessed and you are too. As the blogger, I’ve decided to give you nothing but real. Think of it as the former MTV series True Life, except I give you, The Blog Edition.

My life, similar to a’lot of yalls, yes I said yalls. Before I continue let me reiterate, I’m giving you nothing but real, I want you to read my blog, yet hear my voice plus imagine my face. So I type the way I talk. Carrying on, my life, similar to a’lot of yalls isn’t always in order. I go through shit, I stress, I cry, I pray, and I wait. I wait for change, I wait for results, whether it be a random tweet or my horoscope, I wait for something that speaks to me and tells me its gonna be okay.  Sometimes I get that or sometimes I’m hit with something that knocks me down a couple more steps as if I wasn’t at the bottom of the staircase already. Here I am though, pushing through, pushing forward. Join me on my journey of trials and tribulations. 

You, the reader, here is your outlet. Let’s talk. I would like to give my readers the opportunity to openly or anonymously ask me ANYTHING and receive an open response right here on the blog! This is a no judgment GROWTH zone. Help me help you. Whether I have the answer in front of me or have to dive deep to find it.

For starters, you can expect a weekly blog from me, I like Sundays. Why? Because Self Care Sundays are lit you guys. So ladies or gents, we don’t discriminate, put on the face masks, grab your wine, relax and read in on my latest T.

Love, t

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